What is it?

Presenteeism is when we show up to work but aren't fully engaged or productive due to factors like illness, stress, or personal issues. It's like being physically present but mentally checked out. This can happen for various reasons, like feeling obligated to come in despite being unwell or feeling pressure to meet deadlines even when facing personal challenges. Presenteeism can have negative effects on mental health, productivity, and morale, so it's important for organizations to address it and support their employees effectively.

How is it related to
mental health?

Presenteeism and mental health are closely intertwined. When someone is experiencing mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, or burnout, they may still show up to work physically but struggle to perform at their best due to reduced concentration, motivation, or energy.

Mental health issues can significantly impact cognitive functioning and emotional well-being, making it difficult for individuals to focus, make decisions, or engage effectively in their tasks. This can lead to decreased productivity, errors, and overall dissatisfaction with work.

Moreover, the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace may prevent employees from taking time off to address their mental health needs, leading them to push through despite feeling unwell. This can exacerbate their symptoms and prolong recovery.

How does Recalibrate Health address presenteeism?

Addressing presenteeism requires creating a supportive work environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their mental health concerns and accessing resources for support. By promoting mental health awareness, encouraging open communication, and fostering a sense of community, organizations can help reduce presenteeism and foster a healthier workforce.

At Recalibrate Health we first seek to understand the prevalence and causes of presenteeism in your organization via assessments and interviews, followed by analysis of the data for patterns and root causes, and then we formulate a plan tailored to the needs of your organization.